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Narek Khachatryan

Product manager and designer with 10+ years of experience delivering clear solutions with real results.

I'm currently Head of Product at Rebud, where I lead a suite of product initiatives, including multi-location e-commerce, on-demand delivery, retail point-of-sale, inventory, and compliance. Rebud's technology suite is used by licensed retailers in California with $30M+ in annual GMV.

On the side, I'm an advisor to ONEArmenia and Arevi, where I focus on helping develop ecotourism and economic empowerment in rural Armenia.

I'm also active in Web3, where I'm tinkering and ideating on things with IRL Alpha and Moonbirds. It's a real treat to build on the ground level again.

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2001 Built my first website in Microsoft FrontPage. Very quickly realized that it generates spaghetti code, so I learned to code websites from scratch. I launched my first non-static website when I was 13 years old using a (now extinct) CGI/Perl-based proto-CMS called NewsPro.

2008 Started a web design agency in college so that I could support myself while traveling. I helped small businesses launch their first websites and be discoverable on Google and Yelp. At one point, I became the one-man web department for a local IT company, where I worked alongside Linux contributors. That experience helped me lose my fear of the command line and gain a deep appreciation for open-source software.

2011 After graduating college, I started working at Magento (later acquired by eBay) on product and education. It was at this juncture that it dawned on me the importance of a simple and effective product and user experience. Despite being junior and focused on product education, I was proud to be able to contribute ideas to PMs and bug reports to engineering. It taught me the value of product sense and the ability to collaborate cross-functionally.

2012 As a byproduct of serendipitous circumstances and my desire to be geographically unbound, I moved to Armenia to help build out ONEArmenia, a digital non-profit focused on crowdfunding grassroots projects with high economic impact. Taking something from zero to one and beyond was important in my ability to develop organizational workflow structures that can self-sustain. The organization endures, and I continue to advise from afar.

2015 Returned to California and focused on deepening my product sense within a range of organizational contexts, including early to mid-stage startups, agencies, and big tech. With DockYard, I led an eight-person team designing and developing studio technology for Netflix. Though I left for personal reasons (a new venture), I was proud of the work I did to contribute to their internal design systems and product portfolio.

2019 Joined a nascent company in an equally nascent industry — Rebud was as blue as blue oceans get. I led the hiring of our core product and marketing team and drove the product roadmap from inception to a thriving and viable product in a market that is still trying to find its footing.

Building products in an industry wrought with regulatory ambiguity is a great forcing function for teams to emphasize adaptability and a focus on delivering what the market actually wants. As technology continues to disrupt our world, it will be increasingly important to have a strong foundation in building adaptable systems and finding focus within ambiguity.

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